KR Multicase Review

The KR Accessory case. I purchased the case empty, they also do a version with their own tape measure and a selection of 30 regular dice as well.

Made by KR (non affiliate link)

Price: (as of this articles writing 01-08-2018)

Empty case black or silver £10.99
Case and 30 regular dice and tape measure (choice of 3 colours of tape measure) £15.99

Both versions of the case also come with a stick on plastic wallet (not photographed) which can be used to put a name card or similar into and be stuck on one lid section

Content (my own added):
1 Tape measure – its a little chunky and I did have to remove the belt clip so that it would fit. It fights tight and pinches a little, ideally I’d get a slightly thinner one; this is a minor issue.

2) Two GW large dice packs (the Daughters of Khaine)

3) An older GW Dice Tin, which will let you put the lid on it. I like as not will use this for tokens and the tiny dice alone in time)

4) An assortment of regular dice (a few more than one of the old dice cubes)

So I chose to get the black version might regret it a “tiny” bit because I forgot how much black shows up dust, so silver might be better in that regard, but really a fast wipe with a cloth and its good as new. Note the colour only affects the outer case colour not the internal colour.
The case is well made and firm, the four clips on each side snap into place with a firm smooth action and once all four are clipped into place the lid is going nowhere. In fact you can lift up one clip and three alone holds it securely closed. The interior is lined with a black fine felt that gives a nice muted sound when you roll dice onto it.

The depth of the case is clearly based around two regular dice stacked one atop the other. It would have been nice to have have had it a little deeper and thus be able to stack two of the larger GW dice; but at the time of this items manufacture I don’t think GW were even using those larger dice (and in fairness trying to roll lots of those big dice is actually trickier than a handful of the smaller ones in equal number). There is a very slight lip around the inside of the case where the felt is stuck down, so you can’t pack it tight with with double layered dice – though honestly by that point you’re carrying hundreds of dice and thus way more than you’d need in a warhammer game.

The lid gives you a good dice rolling area, even with a big handful of the larger dice they generally all remained in the lid; and overspill is very minor and with smaller dice they all stay in side without issue. Because it takes a part in half you can either use the base to keep your dice and items organised; or take them out and offer it to your opponent so that you’ve both a separate dice rolling platform.

After closing the lid and giving it a strong shake around

The dice tin slides around a bit and the dice, predictably, roll around a lot. As its a hard case there is some noise with this, as one would expect of loose dice. You could muffle that further if you put the dice into a fabric bag prior to putting them in the container. My tape measure didn’t budge as the box was pinching it in place. At no point in this shaking around (where I also gripped it by the base/lid alone and shook that so that there was pressure on the clips) was there any sense of the structure of the container moving; or the clips weakening. All very solid locked together!

Overall – very pleased with this. There are a few niggles, but those are mostly just personal factors or related to using larger than average dice. With its build quality and price this is great value in my view; indeed I’d expect it to last for years and remain fully functional with the most likely long term wear and tear being on the felt slowly going bald with years of use.

A very solid fun product that brings with it a duel purpose of transport and game aid.

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