Current Army Focus

Daughters of Khaine

Striking out hard into the Mortal Realms in the chaos that is the Age of Sigmar. New game born from the ashes of the Old World of Warhammer Fantasy. This is what I’m planning on being my main army for a long while (replacing my long time Tyranids who I shall one day revisit).

Daughters of Khaine Army Plans

Daughters of Khaine – the Story

Adepticus Titanicus

A side game for me and a way to keep a foot in the door of the world of 40K. Currently set during the Heresy this features huge titanic warmachines of death and destruction. TITANS! A special one for me as it was originally the mighty sight of the Imperator Titan on the front cover of Titan Legions boxed set, that lured me into my first ever box of Games Workshop. So I’ve a long time love of titanic warmachines and I really hope this Specialist game grows from strength to strength (adding not just more Imperial Titans, but those from Chaos and the Xeno races too).

Necromunda Underhive

A first and new one for me, after a night of finishing off another 30 Witch Aelves I needed something smaller that could fill a niche of smaller warriors on the tabletop. That combined with reading the story of Mad Donna in Survival Instinct, and having grown up on such films as Mad Max, sparked within me a need to visit the Underhive.