Small steps first day

So new blog new project and right now that project is a Slaanesh army which is likely to dominate these early postings as I get some self motivation to put the army together and learn to paint it up (and I will paint this army – I will I really really will – – – – – well I’ll undercoat it at least!)


So thus far the collection page shows all that’s in the Slaanesh force and should remain up to date if I can keep off ebay and nabbing neat older sculpts and metal models here and there. Even in the smaller (than the USA) market of UK ebay there is a surprising amount out there if you look around and wait; even a lot of older unpainted and unassembled models (though it seems that the older 2boobied daemonettes are hard to come by :P). I am, however, most glad that I got hold of 5 of the older seeker riders which along with my mounted herald will be a nice little troop of unique models in the force. I’m also generally keeping an eye out for more of those older seeker riders – I’ll probably end up with quite a few to put on the table (full seeker cavalry charge!).


So project objectives for the moment are:

1) Assemble everything – cleaning models (even GW plastic which is the most easy thing to clean there is) takes forever. I’ll also have to leave some models in parts until they are painted because of getting access to details – the Bloodthrone/Skull Cannon is a nightmare of parts that cover other parts and most of the engine and wheel sections will have to be done on their own.

Riders for the seekers and for the bloodcrushers are also going to be done in parts along with the seekers and riders for the chariots.

2) Get some movement trays and modify them – with some greenstuff and work I can modify the movement trays to hold the circular based models so I can use them in 40K or fantasy. I might use magnets as well, some small flat ones to just slip under the base. If I do I’ll also go for a metal sheet over or for the movement tray or be really careful with the magnet positions otherwise.

3) Conversions – thus far I’ve got a herald on a mount to convert (based around the slaanesh warriors of chaos commander rider) – a khorne herald (from the blood throne which isn’t being used – honestly I can’t understand why GW didn’t make him optional on his own as they’ve done with some other kits).

I’m also toying with the idea of going over all (30 at present) deamonettes and adjusting their chests to be more “balanced”. It’s my view that you can’t be an elite death dealing monster with such inbalance upon one’s chest (which means I have to make lots of boobies and armour for the boobies).