Black Library – Specialist Stories

Below is a collection of the short stories, collected editions and novels published by the Black Library in relation to a host of GW’s specialist games such as Bloodbowel, Necromunda, Shadspire and others.


  • Most short stories sold on their own are digital only, whilst many anthologies and collected editions are also sold in paperback/hardback
  • As quite a few of these books are much older (from the first era of many of these specialist games) they are often sold as ebooks only from BL at this stage. However there are often copies around second hand so check out ebay, Amazon and AbeBooks for a chance to get hold of physical copies.


Collected Editions

  • Tales from the Underhive (Outlander, Salvation, Survival Instinct, Junktion, Fleshworks, Back from the Dead, Kal Jerico: The Omnibus, Status Deadzone)
  • Necromunda Week: The Bundle (Death’s Head, Burned, Emp-Rah’s Eye, Scar Crossed , Once a Stimm Queen, Dirty Dealings)
  • Kal Jerico: The Omnibus (Blood Royal, Cardinal Crimson, Lasgun Wedding)
  • Status Deadzone (Badland Skelter’s Downhive Monster Show, Bad Spirits, A World Above, The Daemon Bottle & Rat in the Walls, Descent, Rites of Passage, Sisters, The Day of Thirst, The Lake by Tully, Mark of a Warrior)


Short stories

  • Death’s Head
  • Burned
  • Emp-Rah’s Eye
  • Scar Crossed
  • Once a Stimm Queen
  • Dirty Dealings



Collected Editions

  • The Blood Bowl eBook Collection (Blood Bowl, Dead Ball, Death Match, Rumble in the Jungle)
  • Death on the Pitch Omnibus (The Hack Attack, Pride and Penitence, Mazlocke’s Cantrip of Superior Substitution, Foul Play, Scrape to Victory, The Skeleton Key, A Last Sniff of Glory, Hoppo’s Pies, Da Bank Job, Doc Morgrim’s Vow, Fixed, Manglers Never Lose)


  • Blood Bowl
  • Dead Ball
  • Death Match
  • Rumble in the Jungle

Short Stories

  • The Hack Attack
  • Pride and Penitence
  • Mazlocke’s Cantrip of Superior Substitution
  • Foul Play
  • Scrape to Victory
  • The Skeleton Key
  • A Last Sniff of Glory
  • Hoppo’s Pies
  • Da Bank Job
  • Doc Morgrim’s Vow
  • Fixed
  • Manglers Never Lose



  • Shadespire: The Mirrored City

Warhammer HORROR

Collected Editions

  • Invocations (He Feasts Forever, The Healer, Growing Seasons, Supplication, A Sending from the Grave, Flesh and Blood)
  • Anathemas (Suffer the Vision, These hands, These wings, A Deep and Steady Tread, The Shadow Crown, Voices in the Glass)
  • Maledictions (Nepenthe, The Widow Tide, No Good Deed, Crimson Snow, Last of the Blood, Predation of the Eagle, The Last Ascension of Dominic Seroff, Triggers, A Darksome Place, The Marauder Lives, The Nothings)
  • The Harrowed Paths (A Threnody for Kolchev, Vox Daemonicus, The Thing in the Woods, Hab Fever Lockdown, Voices in the Glass, Skin Man, These Hands, These Wings, A Deep and Steady Tread, Mud and Mist, Suffer the Vision, The Funeral, The Shadow Crown, Runner, Miracles)
  • The Vampire Genevieve (Drachenfels, Genevieve Undead, Beasts in Velvet, Silver Nails)


  • Dark Harvest
  • The Oubliette
  • Sepulturum
  • The Deacon of Wounds

Audio Stories

Darkly Dreaming

Short stories

  • The Hunt
  • He Feasts Forever
  • The Child Foretold
  • Skull Throne
  • Five Candles
  • Nightbleed
  • A Moment of Cruelty
  • Pentimento
  • The Cache

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